New Business Startup Program

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New Business Startup Program

Fortoa’s business incubation and startup programs provide unique, socially-inclusive, end-to-end support for entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses. Recognized worldwide for their effectiveness and innovation, these award-winning programs teach people how to start and, very importantly, sustain new and early-stage businesses.

Along with our Professional 1-to-1 Coaching Services, our ‘New Business Essentials for Startups and Entrepreneurs’ Training Course is one of Fortoa’s most popular Internet-based Startup Programs. Over 24 months in development, New Business Essentials is a video-rich program, which launched publicly in January 2013.

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This program is unique because it is simple, practical and easy to follow and provides commonsense business advice that will not only help people to get better and faster results but will, very importantly, give them a much greater likelihood of building a long-term, financially-sustainable business. It also provides a unique mix of personal and business related content.
It contains over 35 videos, a 115 page interactive workbook, in-depth support materials and a wide array of other valuable resources. Over 345 students are currently doing the program and there are a whole bunch of fantastic 5 star reviews too.

Fortoa’s business incubation and startup programs provide support and training for all industry sectors and can help clients establish all types of businesses including: web-based businesses, local community businesses, home-based businesses, lifestyle businesses, high-growth businesses, socially-driven organizations and not-for-profit organizations.

New Business Essentials Course Overview

Here’s what this course will do for you:

You’ll learn how to Plan, Start and Grow your new business
You’ll get expert training from someone who’s actually ‘been there and done it’
We’ll show you how to see whether your idea really stacks up before you ‘throw’ lots of money at it
You’ll discover how to start a business that you’re passionate about and how to develop your startup ideas into financially viable businesses
You’ll learn how to set up a sustainable business (i.e. one that will last long-term)

You’ll gain unique insights, which will show you how you can develop the success-driven mindset, attitudes and beliefs of world class entrepreneurs
You’ll be given access to easy-to-implement tools and techniques
You’ll learn how to avoid dozens of startup traps and pitfalls that typically put thousands of startups out of business
You’ll learn critical insights and essential business principles that you can use in absolutely any type of business

Plus You Get All Of This:

Expert Step-by-Step Guidance, Training and Support
A Simple, Easy-to-Follow Complete Program
36 Lectures and over 4.5 Hours of Content
115 Page Interactive Workbook
Personalized Business Certificate
Strategic Business Insights that Every New Business Owner Must Know
Exclusive Systems, Tools and Resources to Save You Time and Money
Lifetime Access and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Take this great course today with absolutely no risk and start enjoying the premium support, training and guidance that you and your business deserve.
Click on the ‘New Business Essentials’ button or links for risk free instant access and let’s have some fun building a great business together.

New Business Essentials for Startups and Entrepreneurs – Summary

Based on the Award-winning Business Startup Program created by Jon Yon, which was used to successfully start over 500 new businesses, this step-by-step complete business program is perfect for pre-starts, startups, new businesses and early-stage businesses. It features a comprehensive video training series, lots of in-depth business support materials, e-books, business tips and tricks, easy-to-implement practical business advice, a personalized business certificate and a highly-comprehensive 115 Page Interactive Workbook.

In fact, the program should give you nearly everything you need to know to start, build and grow a successful business.

The program is unique, in that it not only teaches the core practicalities of setting up a business and running a new business but also covers ‘personal elements’ which, in our opinion, have a massive impact on how successful you’re likely to be.

Your attitude is the core reason why you will be successful, not just in business, but in anything you do in life. So, if you can develop an attitude of self-belief, confidence and determination and then combine that with a willingness to learn, take consistent action, ‘be a winner’ and to be outstanding at everything you do, your chances of success in business will increase phenomenally.

Business is an amazing vehicle to help you get everything that you want out of life. So, have fun, enjoy the journey, celebrate all of your business successes and help as many people as you can to achieve their business goals and dreams too!

To your new found Joy, Freedom and Amazing Business Success!

Jon Yon

What’s in the Course?

Over 36 lectures and 4 hours of content!
In this course you will learn how to plan, start and build a successful business
You’ll learn how to make your business last (i.e. how to make sure that it is sustainable)
You’ll learn practical, easy-to-implement techniques and ideas
You’ll learn how to evaluate your business idea and make sure that it is actually going to work – before you spend lots of money
You’ll learn how to deal with the personal issues that face every new business owner, including: self doubt, self confidence, the feeling of being overwhelmed, overcoming fears and barriers and many more
You’ll learn how to massively improve the chances of your business being successful and learn how put things in place to significantly reduce the risks to your business

Course Requirements:

No Previous Business Knowledge or Business Experience Required
No Specialist Tools or Software is Required

Who Should Attend?

Anyone Thinking of Starting a Business or Working for Themselves
Those already running a business but who are looking for better results
Anyone with a skill or passion who has always wanted to turn it into a business
Those who want a part-time business to supplement their current lifestyle
Anyone frustrated by their lack of rewards or recognition
Anyone who is looking for a change in their career or job