Inclusive Community Regeneration (I.C.R.) Programs

Inclusive Community Regeneration (I.C.R) Programs

Fortoa has developed these programs with a core purpose of making a large social and economic impact. These highly-effective programs primarily support deprived, under-represented and disadvantaged groups and communities and use education, innovation, inspiration and entrepreneurship at their core.

The programs have four key objectives:

  • Increase the number of business startups
  • Improve the survival rates of new and early-stage businesses
  • Nurture entrepreneurism and innovation and help clients develop fundamental business skills/literacy
  • Make a positive impact on the development and revitalization of local economies

These award winning I.C.R programs specialize in delivering highly-targeted support programs for: Young people, Women, Ethnic Minorities, the Disabled, Veterans, the Long-term Unemployed, Low-Income Families, 50+, Ex-Offenders, Under-Represented Groups, Disadvantaged Communities and Areas in Need of Regeneration.