Fortoa Overview

Fortoa Overview

Founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley, California, by Jon Yon, Fortoa is a visionary Social Enterprise specializing in Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Community Regeneration.

Having worked in community regeneration for many years in Europe, Fortoa’s founder, Jon Yon, gained an enormous amount of first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t work.

Fortoa was initially established as a vehicle to share much of Jon’s personal expertise and knowledge but quickly evolved into a vehicle to enable and facilitate community regeneration on a national and global scale. In order to support this ambition for larger social and economic impact, Fortoa has, for the last two years, been developing and adapting its most successful regeneration strategies into highly-scalable programs and solutions that any organization can use. In other words, it has been developing a white-label ‘regeneration toolkit’ designed specifically for those interested in supporting under-represented/disadvantaged groups and for those interested in facilitating community regeneration.

Fortoa has been using web and video based technologies for many of its projects, as a way of aiding scalability. It also uses Transmedia and cross-platform delivery strategies in order to build high-engagement programs that can be easily targeted for specific audiences and communities.

Having an enormous amount of experience under our belt of working on large-scale Social Inclusion, E-Democracy and Accessibility Programs, we are, of course, fully aware of the importance of ensuring that any technology or delivery method that we use does not alienate, exclude or disadvantage a particular group or community.

In summary, we are experts in community regeneration that uses entrepreneurship at its core. We are experts in social inclusion and know how to engage individuals most in need. We also know, from first-hand experience, how education, inspiration, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship can be used to build cost-effective, highly-scalable programs that deliver significant social and economic impact.