Fortoa is a Social Enterprise that Uses Socially Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Education, Innovation and Inspiration to Support Under-Served Groups, New Business Startups and Disadvantaged Communities.

As a way of creating fast, large-scale social and economic impact, we share our unique Socially Inclusive Virtual Incubation Programs for Startups, our audience engagement expertise and our award-winning community regeneration strategies with other socially-driven organizations.


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Fortoa’s New Business Essentials Startup Program

Fortoa’s New Business Essentials program provides unique, end-to-end, socially-inclusive business incubation and training for entrepreneurs, startups and early-stage businesses. We’re proud of the fact that our programs are also highly effective at supporting those with low levels of confidence and those who may have very little or no previous business experience.

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Inclusive Community Regeneration (I.C.R) Programs

Developed with a core purpose of making a large social and economic impact, these highly-effective programs primarily support deprived, under-represented and disadvantaged groups and communities.

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Sharing Best Practice and Supporting Social Organizations and Causes

We believe that sharing our expertise, experience and best practice with our community partners is one the most efficient ways for these socially-driven organizations to get fast results. In order to facilitate this we provide a wide range of consultancy and support services to companies and organizations.

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